Cloth Diapering 101: Why We Decided to Cloth Diaper


Hey everyone, I am going to be starting a Cloth Diapering 101 series here on my blog to share my experiences and knowledge with you! Today we are going to talk about why we decided to cloth diaper.

My good friend Hailey actually got me interested in cloth diapering when I went to her baby shower where she requested cloth diapers. I was pregnant at the time too and spent a second pondering if I should consider, but everyone made me feel like it was a bad idea (besides Hailey of course.) My friends and family were so stuck in their normal routine of disposable diapers they acted like I was crazy to even consider cloth.

Fast forward to Athena about to turn 3 months. I started talking to Hailey more about cloth because I was so tired of literally throwing $60+ in the trash every month and knowing as she got older the more expensive diapers would be. She led me to some amazing groups full of helpful mamas and she has helped me herself so so much along the way. We finally convince Cody and we started cloth diapering.

At first Cody and I wanted to switch for the money saving aspect, but as we learned more about cloth we realized that it was a much more healthy and responsible choice as well. Did you know in IDEAL conditions it takes a disposable diaper roughly 500 YEARS to decompose. Also, diaper companies do not have to disclose all of the chemicals that they put inside of their diapers because it could be revealing “trade secrets.” With cloth we know exactly what is going on Athena, the material, what it has been washed in, and that we don’t have to worry about what is in them.

A bonus to cloth is that it is customizable with different styles and inserts which I will be discussing in later blogs and the fact that the prints are so darn cute! You can literally find a print for everything from Harry Potter, Bob’s Burgers, chickens, and The Beatles there is definitely a diaper print for you and there are groups where you can custom design your very own one of a kind diaper!



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