Is Santa Real? Our View on Santa.

Cody and I sat down one day and started talking about the holiday season and Santa came up. We then started discussing whether or not we wanted to have Santa be a major part of our holiday.

Our Decision

We have decided that we are going to be up front with Athena about Santa. We don’t want center her whole holiday around something that doesn’t exist just to tell her later on that we have been lying to her for years. In our opinion not only will that ruin Christmas for her, but also make her wonder what else we lied about.

Don’t worry, we also don’t want her to be the mean kid at school that ruins Santa for everyone, so when the time comes we will discuss that some kids believe that Santa is real and that she needs to respect that and let their parents tell them when they are ready.

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The Plan

We are not going to completely cut Santa out, for us Santa is going to be a fictional character, like a princess, or your favorite cartoon character. We will take the picture with Santa and watch the classic movies, heck we may even leave cookies under the tree (that’s an excuse to buy cookies for me) but with the understanding that he isn’t the one bringing the presents. We want to keep the magic of Christmas in our house for sure.

While she is really young I know this will seem harder to implement, but I believe as long as we don’t act like he is real she will get it.

Final/ Misc Thoughts

Another thing we dislike is the Santa threat and how Santa is portrayed of watching your every move. I cannot tell you how many times this month I have heard “If you don’t stop Santa won’t bring presents.” I hate seeing the look on those poor kids faces thinking Santa will put them on the “naughty list” when there are other punishments like no television or no gaming systems for example that the parents could use instead. Also, it is creepy to think some old man is watching your every move and based on how “good” or “bad” you are depends on how he rewards you. That sounds like a serious case of stranger danger.

Naughty or Nice_

Finally, I know this is the “season of giving” and all, but Christmas  has became more and more about receiving instead of giving. You have your kids make a list of what they want to get and they expect to get what is on that list without giving back. There are so many opportunities to give back to your community during the holidays and it is greatly ignored. Donate to your local food bank, volunteer in a soup kitchen, or even go walk dogs at the animal shelter. Giving always feels better than receiving!

Now I am curious, let me know how your family celebrates! How have you handled telling/not telling your kids about Santa? How do you keep the Christmas magic flowing?

DISCLAIMER: I am not looking for a fight this is our personal decision for our family.


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