Christmas at Gammaw and Gammpa’s House!

Athena’s first Christmas began with a trip to Gammaw and Gammpa’s house! We spent the weekend and got to see Granny and Pap for Christmas too. Athena always has fun and loves getting to spend extra time with everyone. We went down to Jackson on Thursday because I had a dentist appointment early on Friday. Then Saturday we had dinner and opened presents and on Sunday we went back home.

Between Gammaw, Gammpa, Granny, Pap, and Aunt Gabby and Uncle Jacob, Athena had quite the haul to bring home. I think her favorite part was ripping the wrapping paper off the presents. The funny thing was as soon as she would get a piece off she would hand it to me to throw in the trash!

Athena received so many wonderful gifts from our family. Gammaw and Gammpa got her developmental toys, clothes, and Gammpa surprised her with cowboy boots just from him! Aunt Gabby was creative and made her present look like a snowman and Athena loved it! Inside of the snowman was delicious snacks, her new favorite unicorn, and clothes! Granny and Pap came up to see her and brought her all kinds of her favorite pajamas and a pair of pink Converse that she adores!

We all hung around in pajamas, played games, and ate waaaaayyyy too much food. It was great getting to relax and enjoy time with our family. Athena played Gammaw’s favorite game, Yahtzee with her and loved shaking the dice up and she helped Gammaw cook by supervising.

Sunday we made the journey home and then up to Lexington for a last minute Christmas present you will see in the next blog post! Enjoy some photos from our visit!

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