Athena’s First Christmas and New Traditions

This year was Athena’s First Christmas so we wanted to make it special and start family traditions. Here is what we did for our first Christmas!

New Traditions

  1.  First we decided we wanted to have a real tree so we can go each year as a family and pick one as a special day! Here it is once we got it home and decorated.46489588_2290746477663545_5913853814049341440_n-e1546230721658.jpg


2. We went to visit Santa, If you haven’t read our blog on our views on Santa read it here:


3. On Christmas Eve we made homemade pizza for dinner and we each got to fix our pizza however we wanted. I am working on a video of us making the pizza so enjoy this screen grab from the video! After we ate pizza we watched a short Christmas movie, read a book, and went to sleep.


4. On Christmas morning I made pancakes that looked like Christmas trees and ornaments (kind of a success kind of a fail) and we opened our presents.


What Athena got for Christmas

For Christmas we didn’t go too overboard because Athena was due for a car seat upgrade so she got a new car seat along with a few other things from us this year!

  1.  Chicco Next Fit Sport Convertible Car Seat
  2. Foam Blocks
  3. Fur Real Friends Puppy
  4. Developmental Car Toy
  5.  She had a few other things, but she was nosey and opened them early.




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