Fall Bucket List 2019: 10 Things to Do This Fall!

Long time no blog post! This year has been crazy and has flew by sooooo fast! I can’t believe it is almost fall already! We decided to plan ahead this fall and make a bucket list of fun things to do this fall that we can check off as we get them done and we hope you join us in completing them as well! As we check things off of our bucket list we will be making new blog posts!

  1. Go to the Pumpkin Patch/ Apple Orchard! Two of our favorite locally is Evans Orchard and Baldwin Farms. Here is a photo from last year!
  2. Paint or carve pumpkins! Last year we carved a pumpkin to sit Athena in!
  3. Make a fall wreath! When I do this I will post a tutorial so you can make one too!
  4. Decorate for Fall
  5. Go on a hike/nature walk
  6. Gather fallen leaves, sticks, and pinecones for crafts
  7. Make Fall Crafts with your kids! (tutorials to come)
  8. Go to a fall festival or fair (get a yummy funnel cake while your there)
  9. make/purchase halloween costumes! What should we go as this year?
  10. Go trick or treating or hand out candy in your neighborhood!

What are your plans for this fall? If you complete parts of our bucket list use #rrfallbucketlist so we can see you enjoying your fall!

* I am not paid to post any businesses, these are just where we go every year and have a great time.


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